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September 23, 2022

5 Effective Ways to promote your Class Trip

So, you have decided that you will take your students on your unforgettable experience. You’re organised and have finalised the itinerary… but now you can’t get enough students enrolled! The numbers of students and teachers travelling on the class trip are an important factor for the total price of your tour. This is why we usually recommend an ideal ratio of 1 teacher / 10 students.

Here are 5 effective ideas on how you can promote your trip.


Send out an email or hand out a letter to invite your student’s parents to an info meeting. During the meeting, advise your students and their parents of the dates, cost and details. Have a detailed day-by-day itinerary ready to present to them as well as all inclusions. Your travel consultant should be available to join the meeting and answer all questions the students and parents have. To get their attention, prepare a visual presentation including tons of pictures that show them all the amazing things you will be experiencing on your class trip.

To show just how well you are prepared, consider including an FAQ’ page, answering general concerns such as

  • Reputation of airlines, hotels and other suppliers
  • Details about your travel company
  • Destination safety based on the Australian Government’s rating
  • Details about the school(s) you plan on visiting, and host family details
  • Personal and educational benefits for students going on the trip
  • Payment details, including deposit, instalments and final payment due dates
  • Passport validity
  • Emergency procedures and 24/7 support
  • Communication methods
  • Travel insurance details
  • Safe ways of carrying passports, money, mobile phones and other relevant personal items
  • Expectations of behaviour and cultural expectations of the country to be visited
  • ‘What now?’ -> How to proceed after the meeting.

This might sound like a lot, but if you ask your school travel company to be there, you don’t need to take care of it all by yourself!


Speak to your school website’s administrator and ask them to put your class trip’s details online. Again, a picture is worth a thousand words, so try to add pictures from a previous trip or showcase the destination. Here, don’t forget to explain the educational benefits of this class trip. Whether it’s language learning, cultural immersion, utilising the knowledge students have previously gained in the classroom – refer to the curriculum.

Another great online channel to promote your class trip is your school’s Social Media Platform. Most schools have either a Facebook or Twitter account, and advertising there would be a great way for you to reach most of your student’s parents.

Lastly, if your school has an online newsletter, be sure you use it. Whether it is to inform parents about the info meeting, or to put in details of the itinerary and prices of the class trip – it will make a difference.


Of course, this is the most obvious one. Tell them about your plans to organise an overseas class trip well in advance, and get them excited about the destination. Refer to places you will see on the trip that are relevant to your subject area and the curriculum. Keep your students engaged with the topics you are covering on the trip and destinations you are going to visit. Study the language, history and cultural differences they need to be prepared for. If you are teaching a subject like history, you might want to show them some movies specifically about the places and remind them that they will be standing at ‘that exact spot’ in a few months’ time!


The price is always an important consideration for students and their families when deciding whether to participate in an overseas school tour. This is where fundraising can help. The final amount can either be used to reduce the overall cost per traveller, or to allow students who wouldn’t be able to afford the trip to participate. We have listed a few ideas on how to fund your overseas school trip, and be sure you have a look if you want to get started with fundraising.

Fundraising is not only a great way to help your students pay for their great adventure, but also to get the whole school involved and get a lot of attention for your trip. Hosting an event will get students excited, especially if you choose the theme to match your destination.


Be sure that your colleagues know about your plan to organise an overseas class trip. If you have less students interested than you estimated, speak to a colleague about the opportunity to combine two subject areas.  Combining the subjects means opening up the tour to more students.

We have suggested some combinations below:

School tours to Germany

  • German language + modern history
  • German language + economics
  • Economics + modern history
  • Sports (Predominately soccer)

School tours to Italy

  • Italian language + ancient history
  • Italian language + visual arts
  • Visual arts + history

School tours to France

  • French language + WWI history
  • History + performing arts
  • Performing arts + language

School tours to England

  • English Literature + history
  • Economics + English literature
  • History + economics

School tours to Japan

  • Japanese language + arts (visual arts / performing arts)

Well, good luck with promoting your class trip and we hope to hear from you soon!

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