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September 22, 2022

6 Reasons You Should Blog About Your Travels

Do you have a trip coming up soon? You might be thinking about what the best way is to capture your memories, keep in touch with family and friends back home (especially on a long trip) and enhance your travel experience. People might think that a travel blog is too much work, but we think it actually brings out the best in your trip. Not only whilst you’re on tour but also after you return. Here’s why:

Keep family and friends back home posted

This is probably the main reasons why most travellers decide to blog. It is much more efficient to write all the amazing things you have experienced abroad only once, instead of messaging it to 10 different people. Your parents and grandparents especially will love to see what’s going on and how much you’re enjoying your trip, without having the hassle of trying to organise a good time to skype in a different time zone (trust me, it’s harder than you think!)

Capture memories

At first, it might seem like a big effort to write something about every day you have spent abroad. But trust me, it will pay off. Two years down the track you will be so glad that you captured every single memory, every single detail and every single cultural difference that you have discovered along the way. Once you are back home, it’s a great idea to turn your blog into a digital photo book. You have already done all the work and just have to copy and paste! This will be something to look back to for the rest of your life.

Enhance your experience

Writing down everything will make you appreciate every single day you are overseas and realise what an amazing opportunity it is to travel abroad. Especially at a young age. On your first days you might get a culture shock and be too distracted to fully take in what’s happening around you, so write it down as soon as you have a moment to sit down.

Make the most of your ‘wasted’ time

During your travels, you will find that you spend a fair bit of time waiting, catching public transport or sitting on the coach or plane for hours. Your travel blog is a great ‘time filler’ for those hours. In Europe, some trains and coaches have WiFi these days, but if not you can still draft your post and upload it as soon as you get to your hotel.

It’s educational – and fun!

Having your own blog gives you the freedom to write about whatever you want and whenever you want to. Working on something of your own that you are passionate about will also teach you so many new skills! Creative writing, working on photos, filming, editing, social media, marketing skills… the list is endless!

Future business opportunities

Have you ever heard about those full-time bloggers that everyone envies? Travelling the world for a living, getting free stuff and having thousands of fans and followers from around the globe. Oh, maybe I should mention that it is bloody hard work, too!
I am pretty sure that most of Australia’s famous travel bloggers have started small by setting up a blog about one trip. Exactly what you are about to do. So if you like the thought of working on a blog in the future, make sure you give it your best and keep up the good work after your trip.

If you decide to blog about your experience with Exchange Me, make sure you share it with us. We’d love to hear about your adventures!

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