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September 22, 2022

7 Tips for a smooth hotel check-in on an overseas school tour

Don’t you love being on the road? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be leading an educational tour. But checking into a hotel with your group after a long day of touring is probably not your favourite part if the trip. We have written this blog post with 7 tips on how you can make your check-in process as smooth as possible, and hope it will help you during your adventure abroad.

Before the trip

Prepare a rooming list in advance

Depending on the hotel and rooming configuration, one student will probably share with one or two other students (twin or triple share), sometimes up to three (quad share). You will know the hotel details in advance, so make sure you know which students share a room before you leave. This can be discussed in class. Make a list of the students staying in one room, so when you’re on tour, the hotel only needs to add the room number and hand out the key. The list should be sent to the hotels in advance (your travel agent can do this for you!).

Have a list of names and passport details ready

Before leaving for your overseas school tour, make a list with student’s names, date of birth and passport numbers and take a few copies. If you use a professional student tour company to help you plan your trip, this is something the travel consultant can do for you. Most hotels in Europe require a copy of everyone’s passport, however when you travel as a group, they accept a list with all those details. As a tour leader, you just need your own passport to take to reception.

On the road

Communicate the game plan while on the road

Tell your students while you’re on the bus what the check-in procedure is going to be. Otherwise, they’ll probably get up and start running towards the exit doors as soon as they see the hotel. Instead, tell them to wait until one of the leaders has checked in the whole group.

At the hotel

Stay on the bus

If you have for example 25 kids and 3 teachers, you should have one of the teachers staying on the bus while the other one goes up to reception with the lists (mentioned above). In the meantime, the teacher on the bus has time to remind the students of the hotel etiquette, the group’s code of conduct and what time you’re all meeting again for dinner. This is the last time you have all your students together before they head to their rooms, so make sure you tell them everything they need to know.

Unload the luggage

Have your third teacher stationed outside to help the driver unload the bags from the bus. You can also assign a few students to help unload the bags, so you have time to control the situation and keep an eye on the luggage.

Collect the luggage

As soon as the check-in is completed, call out the students by room and hand out the keys. That way, they can pick up their bags that have been unloaded, and proceed to their room straight away. Encourage moving through the hotel quietly and remind your students that they’re not the only guests at the hotel.

Final Checks

Once the students have checked into their rooms, make sure you have the rooming list with everyone’s room number. Now it’s time for you to check into your room – and REST!

To get assistance on your next overseas school tour, make an enquiry today!

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