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September 23, 2022

8 Things To Do before your next Overseas Trip

How do you actually prepare for an overseas trip? Obviously, it all depends on the type of trip you’re planning on doing. If you go backpacking, your preparation process is completely different from getting ready for an overseas school trip or sports tour. However, there are many components that need to be taken care of before you leave, no matter what type of trip you’re planning.
Here is our to-do list for preparing for your next overseas trip.

Obtain medical advice

You can read up on the latest updates for your destination on the Department of Health website at Your local doctor will be able to help you with vaccination advice for the countries you’re visiting. Make sure you take these steps well in advance to travelling. Many vaccinations require repeat doses, and/or take time to take effect.

Get travel insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance should always be your number one priority. Travel insurance provides you with protection from medical costs, in case of an accident or illness. The right cover can also cover disruptions to your trips and you will get reimbursements for any losses and additional expenses. There is absolutely no excuse to travel overseas without travel insurance!

Call you bank

Let your bank know that you’re going overseas. Tell them when you’re leaving, where you’re going and when you will be back. This way, they can unlock your card for foreign transactions and notice any unusual activity after your return.

Unlock your phone

Confirm with your provider that your phone will work internationally. Some mobile providers need to unlock your phone for overseas use, and we highly recommend you check with them before travelling.

Sort through your wallet

Leave any items you don’t need for your trip at home. Think membership or reward cards, additional credit cards or foreign currency that doesn’t apply in your country of destination. Consider buying a smaller wallet for your trip that you can easily store and carry in a secure place.

Scan and copy your paperwork

Make copies of important travel documentation such as your passport, travel insurance policy, flight details, accommodation details, your itinerary and emergency / service phone numbers. We also recommend you scan these documents and keep them secure in your Email or Dropbox account.
Leave a copy of your itinerary with friends and family, so they always know where you are.

Register your travel plans

Visit to register your plans so you’re contactable in case of an emergency. It gives yourself and your loved ones a piece of mind, especially if you travel on your own.

Charge up

Pack your chargers and fully charge your electronics before departing. Also remember to bring international travel adapters and a power bank if needed. See some more packing tips at our latest blog post, 10 Goods every frequent traveller should own.

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