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October 26, 2023


Did you know we are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand partners of the wonderful AIL Espanol Language School in Spain? We are extremely proud that AIL Espanol choose us for this role recently. We thought we would share how this all came about.

As we noticed the rise in popularity of learning Spanish in Australia, it came quickly to our attention that our Spanish Immersion Program was going to skyrocket. We really wanted to create a memorable experience for our students as well as the sole purpose of our programs to improve their language skills dramatically.

We recently sat down with Laura our CEO and Director of Exchange Me to learn how this working relationship began.

1) How did you find this language school ? 

In Australia, we identified a demand among students for Spanish language programs. Both I and our Operations Supervisor, Vicki Vogiatzis, conducted research and were highly impressed by the favourable feedback from students who had attended AIL MADRID. Consequently, I journeyed to Madrid to personally meet with the staff and owner, a standard practice for us when initiating collaborations with new schools. 

2) When and who was your first group that went to AIL Espanol ?

The initial group we arranged to send to AIL MADRID consisted of 16 students from Newington College in Sydney during the December/January period of 2018. The feedback we received was positive, prompting us to organize a second group from Newington the following year, in addition to involving students from other schools. 

3) What did you like the most about this language school? 

I observed their team to be attentive, professional, and deeply passionate about their work. Their ability to effectively communicate with students of various levels and age groups left a strong impression on me, as I consider this a crucial factor in ensuring the success and positivity of such exchanges. 

4) How has your relationship grown since you started working with AIL Espanol ?

The partnership exhibited positivity from the outset and continues to develop both professionally and personally. Both organizations share the same objectives and align on ethical work practices and a strong commitment to student well-being. 

We are so grateful for Laura's time as she is a busy bee. We thought this would give an insight into our working relationship with our Spanish school partners.

Discover our Facebook clip of the AIL Espanol Language School. Look into what the language school offers.

Free download of our Spanish Immersion Program Flyer for our Travel Blog readers

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