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November 16, 2022

Benefits of learning a language

There is something unique about learning a second language. Especially if you like to travel around the world! Imagine applying for the job of your dreams and you are the only one that has on your resume that you speak a second language out of 10 other applicants. Your confidence in securing your dream job has shot to the roof. That is only one of the reasons why I personally love being able to speak a second language. Speaking a second language will allow you to view the world through other cultures. Below are my top reasons why you should go ahead and learn a second language. If taking this step has been on your mind for a while and it’s crunch time to make your choice, keep reading to help you say YES!

1) Employment Prospects It is a great to be able to include on your resume you speak a second language as many large corporations expand their business overseas. Wouldn’t be a great opportunity to travel and earn money as well? Set yourself apart from other applicants that are after the same job as you. You will be recognised with more skills and a higher level of learning.

2) Boost your Brain Study after study demonstrate the cognitive benefits of learning a second language. Going between reading, writing, and listening in different languages will make you a better multi tasker, improve your memory and attention span. Which by the way are great skills to have! The cognitive benefits also have long term greatness. Decreasing your chances of many of those ugly brain deceases.

3) Connect Friendships Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to connect to any friendships you made in your last travels on a deeper level? Being able to speak in the same language will allow your friendship to grow and get stronger! If there was ever that language barrier, there will be no more.

4) Connect with Family Roots Imagine being able to understand your family when there are conversing in their native language. Being able to contribute back with your family will deepen your connection and enhance your appreciation for when it was their time to learn English. If you are lucky enough to have family members still in their country it will open an opportunity for you to travel and meet with them with the confidence you will be able to speak the language with ease!

5) Challenge yourself Maybe you enjoy the challenge of learning foreign languages or of learning a particularly difficult language. Learning a language certainly does makes you a better learner.

6) Student Exchange Being a part of a student exchange program is an experience in a life time. You will never get a better learning of a language and a culture unless you completely immerse yourself in that life and country. A lot of Schools present you with this exact opportunity.

So, what have we learnt? Well these are my personal top points into why learning a second language will benefit you in life. From employment prospects, friendships, family roots, a challenge and exchange programs learning a language should not be underestimated. Do you currently study a language and looking to challenge yourself further? Discover our Immersion programs that take place at the end of the year. It is a simple as a click.

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