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September 22, 2022

Exchange Me cooperates with the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation

Exchange Me is proud to offer new programs and courses in collaboration with the world-renowned Indonesia Australia Language Foundation.

My visit to Bali

If you have worked with us in the past, or if you have been following us for a while, you may know that this year has been a big year for us. You would also know that we pride ourselves on only offering programs that we know first-hand. And by that I mean places that we have seen, service from people we have met, and courses that we have tried. Our new Bahasa Indonesia program is no different:

Last week, I travelled to Bali to meet Luh Sriasih, the Program Manager for Indonesian Language Services and Mizi Armawan, the Program Officer for Indonesian Language Services at IALF Bali.

IALF Bali is one of the leading language training organisations in Southeast Asia and has established a strong reputation for its Bahasa Indonesia language courses. The school is located in Bali’s capital city of Denpasar.

The well-equipped facilities and an extremely friendly and positive atmosphere make me firmly believe that this centre makes an excellent learning environment for Australian language students.

About the program

As all our programs, the study tours to Bali are tailor made to suit each individual group’s needs. Generally, the IALF program aims to develop the participant’s communication skills and cultural awareness.

Language lessons

Language lessons at IALF Bali have a communicative approach and focus on integrated skill-based learning. The recommended maximum number of students in one class is 8. If a larger group wants to participate, the groups can easily be split and taught by two different teachers.

Cultural activities

There is a large number of cultural activities for each group to choose from. These include traditional dance or music, cooking, painting, batik making, mask making and many more. All of the activities contribute to the student’s immersion in the Balinese culture.

Excursions & School visits

With Bali being one of the most popular destinations for Australian tourists, it is obvious that there is lots to do and see. However, the trips executed by IALF are different:
In order to have a higher impact on the student’s language learning, the activities and field trips are mostly conducted in Indonesian. During the excursions, the students also have a chance to interact with locals and conduct ‘challenges’ as an encouragement to speak the language. The day tours can include destinations such as Jatiluwih, Ubud, Gianyar, Kintamani, Besakih and many more. Activities on these trips can include traditional rice farming, hiking, cycling, visiting the temples safari journeys and many more.


Australian students participating in this program have the opportunity to live with a Balinese host family throughout their stay. Not only are these families carefully checked, but also are they encouraged to speak only Indonesian with the students. This offers yet another aspect of language learning and language immersion.

Benefits of the program

This program allows Bahasa Indonesia students to utilise the knowledge they have previously gained in the classroom and help understand the culture. With many countries, you really need to understand their way of living in order to master the language, and Indonesia is no different. During this program, the students get fully immersed in Indonesian every-day life and improve their language skills drastically. Participants generally return with a broader understanding of different cultures and advanced problem-solving skills.

Australia’s nearest Asian neighbour Indonesia is the second most popular overseas destination for Aussies (after New Zealand), and there’s nothing like being able to speak with the locals in their language.

How to get started

If you, or a colleague at your school, have thought about organising a study trip to Indonesia, make sure you contact us first. We will not only be able to customise your IALF program, but as a fully licensed Australian travel agency, we can also book your flights, insurance and anything you would like to add. Plus, we come to your school for information sessions with teachers, students and parents.

Contact us to start planning your language trip to Bal

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