Educational Tours To Europe

Europe offers students and teachers a variety of destinations and curriculum-related attractions in many areas, including languages, religious studies, ancient history, as well as business studies, STEM, and economics.

The destinations below are samples of what your educational European trip can look like. Exchange Me is able to customise all tours to fit your specific educational focus, group size, and budget.


Going to the country where the language your students are learning to speak can offer an unforgettable experience. Your students will completely immerse themselves in the language and culture of the country. We are able to organise homestays with the families and an authentic school experience in a High School. Topping off the language tour we can include site-seeing around the country of choice. Below are a few European countries we off these tours: Italy, Germany, Greece, and France.



An educational tour through England gives a taste of the life, work, and source of inspiration 
of some key English literary figures, while taking 
in some of England’s most beautiful scenery 
and key historic cities. Students travelling with Exchange Me have the unique opportunity of studying at the University of Oxford, which 
opens a world of opportunities for their future careers.


WWI History-France & Belgium

On this tour, students investigate key aspects of World War I and the Australian experience of 
the war, including the nature and significance 
of the war in world and Australian history. 
Visiting the French battlefields on an 
educational tour is a unique opportunity to see the places where Australians fought, including The Somme and Ypres.


Wwi History / Ancient History – Gallipoli With Greek Islands

The Gallipoli campaign was one of the most significant events in WWI history for Australians. Aimed at years 9 – 12 history students, this educational trip to Turkey combines Australian history  with some of Europe’s ancient cities, including Troy and Ephesus, as well as a visit to the countries’ western capital Istanbul.
Relevant ancient sites and cities in Greece can easily be included in the tour.


Wwii History – Germany
& Poland

Focusing on the Holocaust, this history school
tour is most suitable for students visiting years
10 – 12. Visiting the many historical sites in
Berlin associated with WWII and seeing the concentration camp sites of Germany and Poland will give students a full insight to
wartime experience and the impact on
Jewish society.


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