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September 23, 2022

Learn German Language Basics

We love to provide our students and groups as much useful information as we can, to ensure they get the most out of the exchange experience. Here is a background of the German Language.

Did you know that German is spoken mainly in Central Europe, in the countries of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. It’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the European Union and in the world, so as you can see, it’s useful to know German!


If you come across these letters in German, pronounce them this way:

  • äuor eu as in toy
  • eias in fine
  • ieas in green
  • öas in worm (without the r sound afterwards)
  • schas in shop
  • sp as in spiel
  • stas in sht
  • üas in tea (while rounding the lower lip
  • zas in mats (ts sound)
  • ßas in moss (double s sound)

The Basics

Hello = Hallo (Hah-loh)

Good Day = Gutan Tag (Gooh-ten-tak)

Good Bye = Auf Wiedersehen (oufvee-der-zey-en)

Good Evening = (gooh-ten-ah-bent)

Thank you = Danke (Dahn-ke)

Excuse Me = Entschuldigung (ent-school-dee-goong)

No = Nein (nine)

Yes = Ja (ya)

Useful Phrases

My name is ? = Ich heiBe (ih hays-eh)

What’s your name? = Wie heiBen Sei (vee hays-en zee?)

Could you please help me? = Wϋrden Sie mir bitte (veur-den zee meer bi-te)

Where is ? = Wo is? (vo ist?)

Where can I find? = Won finde ich (vo -fin-deh ih?)

How much does ___ cost? = Wie Viel Kostit? (vee feel kos-tet?)

Click the link below to download our German Basic E-Card below to take on your next trip!

German Language E-Card

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