Before we dive into this blog, we’d first like to thank and acknowledge all mothers and mother figures in all shapes and forms, without them (you) there would be no us! Mothers -including host mothers- play a massive part in the lives of the young people around them, as they ultimately start making decisions that will shape the rest of their lives which can feel so rewarding. 

Take it from us, we’re ex-exchange students and still hold our host families and host mothers dear after all these years. The memories we treasure, lessons we learned and our passion for our work is all thanks to the wonderful experience we had as students taking a scary but exciting step and being welcomed with open arms by families and people just like you. 

Host families are not all the same cookie-cutter, nuclear families – they all look different and there is no limit to what a host family can be! We’ve outlined below just how easy it is and how much fun it can be! Or read the testimonials for yourself in a previous blog we’ve posted here! 

There are only 3 basic duties to perform as a host famliy 

  1. Provide the student an adequate place to sleep – A room with a clean bed and enough space to move around comfortably (mint on pillow and towel origami animals optional)  
  1. Safe transport to/from school (don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ve signed up to be a private car service) – this usually looks like catching the bus/train with your child or providing the student with the tools they’d need to make the journey 
  1. 2-3 meals a day – The student will eat with you/your family; Breakfast and Dinner every day and also Lunch on weekends/non-school days. No need to call Grodon Ramsy, an extra plate of whatever you’re having is more than adequate 

The optional extras of being a host family 

Non-optional extras of being a host family 

While this experience may or may not result in them packing their bags and moving halfway around the globe, it will definitely change their persepective of the world, the people in it, the kinds of places they may want to take their lives and the journeys they will look forward to embarking on.  

Thank you to all of our wonderful host-mothers who have already provided all of this and more to many, many students. We encourage you to become a host mum and wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

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