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December 8, 2022

Wrap up of 2022

2022 Exchange Me wrap up

We have had such a busy year this year, which we are beyond grateful for post-Covid. We open our computers to work each morning smiling, filled with such joy that we can continue doing what we love the most. That is creating student exchange experiences all around the world. We are a small team although our favourite part of any tour and program we do is to see the students at the end of each experience. If we see lots of tears between the host families, we know it was successful and truly warms our hearts.

Term ONE

We opened our latest Language Immersion program in Singapore. The feedback to study the language Mandarin became overwhelming this year. We noticed many more schools are broadening their language offerings, which is great. We built a great relationship with a local language School in Singapore that we are so excited to be working with and our students to experience a great time this December. We can’t wait to hear about their experiences. If you are studying or teaching Mandarin, learn more about our Immersion programs here. Remember to take the learning outside the classroom!

Term TWO

We watched our first exchange student make her way to a city called Pomezie in Rome! This was our first international exchange since Covid. We were beyond excited. Grace took part in an individual 4-week program, living with two different host families over her time. Grace attended the local School Blaise Pascale, our friends 😊. Grace had a wonderful and fulfilling experience that she and her parents couldn’t speak highly about.

My 14-year-old daughter, Grace, recently participated in a homestay program organised through Exchange Me. This was her first time being overseas without her family, and her first time doing a homestay. From the moment we contacted Exchange Me, as her parents, we felt confident in the organisation of the program and could see that all aspects of the trip were covered. The professionalism of Exchange Me was very comforting and impressive; everything was perfectly organised, from flights, transfers, and insurance, to SIM cards for use in Italy and necessary COVID documentation for flights. Since arriving back in Australia, Grace has been ‘homesick’ for Italy and misses her family there. They have stayed in contact, and she is looking forward to returning to Italy at the next opportunity. This wonderful experience is to the credit of Exchange Me, and we are grateful that Grace came away from this with a greater passion for all things Italy and that the experience has made her determined to learn more Italian and, indeed, see more of the world. We cannot thank Exchange Me enough, and highly recommend this homestay program!”


This term we were staying in Australia and welcoming our dearest friends from Blaise Pascale in Pomezia Rome! It has been a long time since we welcomed our Italian students back to Australia, so we had to make their experience extra special this year. Their Australian journey started in Melbourne with lots of site seeing famous churches and prisons. We quickly learnt their cool Italian pose for any and every group shot they took. Check it out!

It soon became their trademark. We couldn’t get enough! Once they had discovered what Melbourne had to offer, they made their way up to Canberra. Learning all things, politics and more of their trademark pose! We finally met the group here in Sydney where they met their Australian host families for the first time. The Italian students begin to live like their Australian host brother or sister. They attend School together where they truly immerse themselves in Australian School life. Friendships and bonds were quickly formed between the group. This became evident when it was time to say goodbye. There was not a dry eye in sight! Check out how it all went below


This term we are preparing our students for their long-term Immersion programs. The countries students are travelling to are: Spain, Singapore, Italy and France! This marks our first Immersion program since Covid. There are a lot of smiles from our end things are starting to go back to normal for travelling. The students participate in a 4-week program through December attending a local school in Italy and language schools in other countries. They also are assigned host families to live the culture. This experience allows the students to truly immerse themselves into not only the language they study to better their studies but also the culture. Opening their eyes to how students of similar ages live and learn around the world. Beautiful friendships are made, which is personally my favourite part. We can’t wait to see pictures on their return. Learn more about our Immersion programs here.

And that is a WRAP of 2022! We want to say a huge thank you to all we have worked with this year. To our returning Teachers and associates who believe in our business. We are truly grateful for all the support you have shown us. We wouldn’t be here today without the support, so thank you. We are so excited for 2023. With already school tours locked in and many more to come. We always said during the pandemic after the storm there will be sun and here, we are 😊 Keep shining, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

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