School Tours In Australia

Our international students who tour around Sydney and Melbourne. Since the global pandemic of Covid-19 happened in March 2020. Our business was hit hard, to say the least. We really had to rethink our business model and offer tours and programs within the set restrictions. As you may not know, we are based in Australia with a branch in Greece and Italy. We decided to offer our Schools and clients tours around Australia.

We live in such a beautiful country with plenty to see and learn from. Below is a brief list of the types of Australian tours we now offer. Ranging from Educational day trips to interstate overnight trips. Also offering these tours to every type of group. Such as Ladies to Mudgee!



Stem Tours

  • Visit our capital state 
  • Learn all about astronomy at the Astronomical Society Centre.

Kangaroo Island

  • Explore Kangaroo Island beautiful agriculture
  • Discover all the aboriginal history of 
    the Island

Day Tours Of Sydney

  • Visit the Oprea House
  • The Rocks
  • Museum


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