French Language Immersion

French Language Immersion Program Details


Home stay

Living with a French family is the best way to understand the culture, improve your language and make friendships that last a lifetime. We carefully choose your host family based on your age, gender, similar interests and after school activities.*Please take into consideration every family are not a like, This is all part of the host experience.

Study Life

Each morning, you will attend school at one of France’s most recognised language schools, French in Normandy. You can customise your level and intensity and choose from a wide range of cultural afternoon activities such as walking tours, French cooking classes and social activities with other international students.

Activities & Tours

If you are a bit nervous about travelling on your own, we can assure you that we have an extensive support system for the French language immersion. You will receive your host family details two weeks in advance, so you can start making contact with them and introduce yourself. The Language School, French in Normany have a great support network, which we will ensure you are well introduced to.


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