Italian Language Immersion

Italian Language Immersion Program Details


Home stay

Living with an Italian family is the best way to understand the culture, improve your language and make friendships that last a lifetime.*Please take into consideration every family are not a like, This is all part of the host experience.

Study Life

Each morning, you will go to the Language School. You will learn and experience School life in another country. We have the possibility of organising special Italian lessons which will help you to improve your language skills even more. However, just listening and interacting with other students will enhance your language skills too. A great confidence boost come exam time!

Activities & Tours

We include activities and excursions throughout your immersion program. Our Exchange Me representatives will escort you on the pre-planned excursions. On the weekend and any holiday period, you will spend time with your host family.

Why Exchange Me

  • Host FamiliesWe match you with a host
    family as close in age and 
    interests as possible.
  • SupportOur Exchange Me agents that are
    based in Rome will be available
    for your support throughout
    the immersion program.
  • Group TravelTravel with a group of fellow
    Aussie language students who
    will stay close by to you.
  • Reciprocal optionWe work with schools who travel
    to Australia regularly giving you
    the chance to catch up with
    your host family back home.


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