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March 21, 2024

Celebrating French Film and Theatre 

With the Alliance Française French Film Festival on for its 35th season (now - until 9th April), how could we not take this opportunity to talk about France’s influence on the performing arts?  

Not only has France held the world's most prestigious film gathering, The Festival de Cannes, for the past 77 years. Which has become an international marketplace for producers and distributors to exchange ideas, view films, and sign contracts – changing and growing the cinematic experience for people all over the world. French theatre has undoubtedly had a significant effect around the world also.  

The works of French playwrights have been translated and performed in theatres for decades, influencing the development of theatre globally. Think musicals like Phantom Of The Opera, Les Misérables and Notre Dame de Paris, cabaret at Moulin Rouge, circus shows like Cirque Bormann Moreno, and plays as famous as Waiting for Godot and The Maids.  

In and amongst the fun-filled list of afternoon excursions and activities, our French Immersion program in Normandy offers students theatre play activities – the next Samuel Beckett may be born right there during their exchange trip! 

French arts and productions are very helpful for students, watching French films or listening to French music has proven to be an effective studying tool for French language learners to better understand how the language is used in various settings and assist with pronunciation.  

We at Exchange Me, prioritize education which is why we are offering the chance to win $100 voucher to use at the French Film Festival in Leichhardt! All you need to do is submit your student booking form to our French Immersion Program by the 29th of March 2024 for a chance to win! 

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