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March 18, 2024

Immersion 2024 – Exploring new ways of learning

Laura (our wonderful Director and founder) recently took a trip to Italy to arrange some exciting new plans for Exchange Me’s Italian immersion programs which will take place in December. We sat down with her to answer some questions about the new look program: 

How has the Italian Immersion program changed? 

After listening to students’ feedback (which we take seriously to ensure a fun and educational experience), we discovered that they preferred structured lessons rather than sitting in regular classes and not being able to follow the lessons at the local school with their host brother/sister. The Italian school year runs a little differently to the Australian and the students are still preparing for and taking their end-of-year exams. Australian exchange students will now attend a language school which will focus more on their own learning of the language and provide a more stimulating experience. 

What are the benefits of this change? 

Students will meet other students from other countries whilst in class, they will learn more and partake in engaging activities away from their desks are organised every afternoon with the class as a group. 

Which cities can I travel to in the Italian immersion program? 

We have Language schools in Rome, Florence, Perugia and Reggio Calabria – having schools in multiple locations around the country provides students with unique experiences. 

How are the lessons structured? 

All students will do an online assessment prior to arriving in Italy, this will give the schools the ability to place each student in a class based on their level of the language. 

How many hours will students spend at Italian school? 

Generally, the hours are from 9:00am – 1:00 pm, then afternoon activities with the school (both in-house and excursions) 

Will students receive lots of homework? 

Not really, homework is minimal if at all, all work is done during the school time. 

How much time will students spend with their host family? 

Students will spend the evenings with their host family as well as Saturdays and Sundays, there are often optional excursions that they can participate on the weekends as well. 

Who can take part in the program? 

High school students wanting to expand their horizons and improve their language skills are our most common exchange students. 

Sound like something you or someone you know would enjoy? We are now taking submissions for our 3 and 4 week programs in December! 

3 week program: 29th November – 22nd December  
4 week program: 29th November – 29th December 

Submit your request here or download the info sheet here 

Have any other questions? Contact us here 

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